Sunday, December 9, 2007

Taking a day off on the Upper Pacuare

Anne stomping a boof on the Upper Pacuare

After another week of guiding class 3/4 whitewater, Anne and I decided it was time to step it up, so on Saturday, one of our very few full days off, we headed over to the Upper Pacuare. The Upper Pacuare is known as one of, if not the, most classic section of whitewater in Costa Rica. It is a 7 mile class 4-5 section located in a remote jungle and involves two steep gorge sections.

With the help of our friend Brian we arranged a driver and vehicle for the day to drive the three of us from San Jose and drop us off at the river. We decided to make the trip even more worth our while by putting in at the Upper Upper Pacuare, a nice 7 mile class 3-4 warm up before the significantly more difficult upper section.

The day was absolutely amazing, and provided the three of us with not only awesome whitewater, but some amazing scenery as well. There were lots of laughs and lots of good lines, making it my favorite day since I have arrived here in Costa Rica.

Brian and Anne scouting one of the bigger rapids on the river

Brian getting ready to seal launch after a portage

Brian in the middle of one of the last bigger rapids on the Upper Pacuare

Anne and I excited to be paddling on, and not working on, the Upper Pacuare

After arriving back in San Jose, Anne, Brian and I along with an old friend of mine, Molly, who is currently living in Costa Rica, headed out for some sushi followed by a trip to the Lebanese restaurant/bar. It was a great ending to an awesome day. This evening started the next trip, which will be a class 2-3 trip spent mostly in the Sarapique area. Its shaping up to be another great week in Costa Rica!

Me loading boats on the coaster

Me boofing the bottom drop of Lower Huacus on the Lower Pacuare